Scotch Lake, Nova Scotia

Photographer Adam Hill's "loonlet" love affair

T&C Eye Candy / Scotch Lake, Cape Breton Island / Nova Scotia / Photo by

We’ve been fans of Adam Hill’s photography since we launched. So when Hill started posting a series of loon photos on his social feeds, we took note. This image, especially, stole our hearts.

“Loons were just a part of my childhood growing up. When I was young, I can remember laying in bed during the summer with the window open and hearing them wail and call to each other,” says Hill.

“For me, there really is no other sound that symbolizes home, or Canada for that matter, better than the call of the loon.”

This photo was taken near Hill’s childhood home in Scotch Lake, which is located on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island.

“After the chick hatched, I visited the loon family twice and only for a limited time. I stayed far away and used a long telephoto lens from my kayak,” explains the photographer, adding that while baby loons are referred to as chicks, he thinks “loonlets” suits them better.

“They certainly can’t be called nestlings, since they leave their nests shortly after being born,” says Hill. “They often climb on their parents’ backs to rest. This is a photo I’ve wanted for years.”

Thanks for your efforts, Adam. We love your little “loonlet.” And we look forward to following along with more of your Canadian photography adventures into the future.

— T&C


Editor’s Note: Our Eye Candy posts offer readers visual blasts of Canadiana (grounded in short, shareable stories) to sweeten their day. This is Adam Hill’s second Eye Candy contribution to T&C, with his first featuring the story of a Great Grey Owl in Hay River, Northwest Territories. If you’re not following him already, you can find Hill on Instagram @adamhillphoto


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