When you fly, do you prefer the aisle seat? Or the window? Are you like Toque, who has an almost child-like fascination with the view from the much-coveted window seat? Or are you like Canoe, who loves to stretch her legs out into the aisle? Tell us your preference, and why!


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  1. ValB commented:

    Can I have both? On short hops over the Rockies I covet the window seat, but these long legs need an aisle for any flight over an hour.


  2. Rose commented:

    We are a mixed bag over here at Fresh Tracks. I’ve been known to snap pics of mountain ranges far below and others on our team are aisle travelers all the way! Funny… no one says the middle seat!


  3. Lara Kroeker commented:

    I like to stretch out into the isle AND if I have to go to the bathroom I don’t have to crawl all over my seat mates!


  4. Mary commented:

    Ahhhh, an age old question akin to the chicken or egg conundrum. I am a window person myself due to the need to rest my head/pillow on the fuselage, gaze out and ponder the scariness of hurtling through the atmosphere, and in order to alert the attendants to wing damage that only I was clever enough to find. Aisle seats are only for those days when the bowels & bladder cannot be trusted to behave.


  5. Neil Bousquet commented:

    Now I understand why U2 peas in a pod get along.

    Definitely window seat for short haul day flights when time isn’t critical.

    Definitely aisle seat when flight is more than one hour or need to catch another flight – I cramp easily and need to stretch & flex knees.

    Bonus for aisle seats – get up first to elbow way to next flight – also great location for “clotheslining” or tripping the bratty kid that has been kicking your seat.


  6. Barry commented:

    If there are seats on a plane that are not aisle I am not aware of them or maybe terrified of them is a better way to put it. Being a middle aged male I suffer from cronic SBS (Small Bladder Syndrome, not a big deal, it happens to lots of guys I am told) and the thought of having anything between me and the loo is unbearable. I love the small flights to places like Prince Rupert as they have only 1 seat on each side of the aisle and that is as good as it gets on a plane, a window and an aisle in the same seat, SWEET!