Tell us about your favourite Canadian hotel? Where is it, what’s it called and why do you love it so much? One of our faves – aside from the elegant Hotel Le Germain in Calgary and Lake Louise’s award-winning Post Hotel and Spa – is the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver.

No surprise – given its incredible history and top-notch service – the Hotel Georgia just won “Best Historic Luxury Hotel in the World.”

Best comment wins one of our awesome T & C leather bracelets (made by Roots Canada!) *Contest ends November 21, 2012.

Contest update: Congrats to contest winner Terry Belleville for his unconventional take on a most memorable “hotel” stay in Canada. Your leather bracelet is in the mail Terry!

Special thanks to all other commenters – bringing our attention to Edmonton’s esteemed Hotel Macdonald, the fast-growing and uber-cool Alt hotel chain, Vancouver’s historic Sylvia Hotel, Tofino’s luxurious Wickaninnish Inn, the memorable Mount 7 Lodges near Golden, B.C. and the stylish James Hotel in Saskatoon.

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  1. Hugo Germain commented:

    I get to travel to Saskatoon these days and happen to have discovered the James Hotel on Spadina Crescent. The small hotel has been opened for less than a year, it is conveniently located downtown, and the team there is focusing on the right things to make the guests feel good.


  2. Barry Fellows commented:

    My favourite hotel on the Canada mainland (sorry I have two favourite hotels, both in BC) is the Sylvia Hotel in the West End / English Bay area of Vancouver. It’s been there forever and it’s a lovely old brick building overlooking English Bay in the West End and it has vines of some sort all over the outside walls. My wife and I used to drive to Vancouver every summer and spend a week at the Sylvia before we had kids. While the hotel is a historic site there is a new section (within the last 25 years ) they built above the new parkade which has about 10 rooms in it. We always stayed in this “new wing” as the rooms we heard were a little newer and larger. The exception to this was when my daughter and I went to see the Stones at BC Place one November about 4 years back and got snowed in at the Vancouver airport for a 36 hour delay and instead of heading back to our friends house I selfishly and happily stole the time to spend it with just the two of us and I went directly to the Sylvia Hotel. That was the only time I have ever stayed in the old part of the hotel and while the floors were not all level it was clean and offered better views of the sea. The hotel pub not only incredible views of English Bay but a very salty and interesting clientele and is one of the many reasons I strongly recommend a stay in any part of the Sylvia Hotel
    The other favourite hotel is in just south of Tofino and is called the Wikaninnish Inn built on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island. There are lots of outdoor activities in Tofino from renting surfboards (and dry suits) from Surf Sister to ride the waves at Chesterman Beach to whale watching to kayaking the Pacific Ocean but at the end of the day to come back to the Wikaninnish is a treat that in my mind is second to none. The rooms are very tastefully done (we did our bathroom exactly the same as the those at the Wikaninnish Inn as we were building a new home at the time of our stay) but it was the little things that added up to the best hotel stay I have ever experienced. Quality thick robes were supplied for all and because we had two small children at the time, two “mini me” robes were also in our room. There was also little plastic sand buckets and shovels for the kids for beach play and the food in the dining room is incredible and world renown. I could go on but I already am one hotel over my limit.


  3. Lynn Heinrich commented:

    My new favorite hotel is the “alt” hotel in Brossard District, Quebec. There’s one in Toronto and coming soon to Quebec City, Montreal, Halifax and Winnipeg. It’s modern, super clean and based on a minimalist approach. It’s far from quaint and that’s why I liked it so much. It was an experience.


  4. Philippe Hache commented:

    I haven’t been to many hotels in my life, but I have been to a really beautiful lodge out in Golden BC during the summer of 2008. It’s called Mount 7 Lodges and it’s situated about 1/3 up the mountain. The view of the valley from the lodges was beautiful, as well as the view of the mountain that loomed directly behind it.

    Back then it hosted only two lodges, but even the cheapest one (that we took) was absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful architecture, great kitchen and even a hot tub on the deck overlooking the owner’s farm. The nights we spent there were magical in nature. I still dream about that vacation frequently.


    • Dave Best commented:

      Hi Philippe

      Thanks for your kind words – it is much appreciated, and we’re flattered to be considered alongside the other hotels and accommodations listed.

      We hope one day we can welcome you back here
      Dave & Jo Best


  5. Warren Hooper commented:

    For historical significance, survival against all odds, and restored-to-original grandeur, there are few hotels that could ever match the incomparable Hotel Macdonald sitting in all its splendor overlooking the scenic River Valley in downtown Edmonton. First opened in 1915, it was a hallmark of Canadian Pacific’s venture into construction of hotels across Canada reflecting the design and architectural themes of the era and it quickly became the place to stay and to visit for fine dining and dancing. Later taken over by CN, it ultimately languished through many years of neglect; perhaps not intentional, but detrimental to its survival in any event. Finally closed down by CN, it sat empty and dishevelled until re-acquired by CP who decided it was time to restore the grand old lady to her original beauty. And what a magnificent job they did! My wife was the first new employee hired by the hotel’s manager at the time and she was directly involved in the restoration project that saw the building arise from dust-caked, near-crumbling cobweb-filled ruin to sparkling renewal that culminated in a grand celebratory gala marking its re-opening. There are so many incredible stories that could be told of the immensity of this project but the most important one would be to tell of the pride felt by everyone who had the opportunity and privilege of participating in its restoration.

    For anyone who has yet to enjoy what this hotel has to offer, I would strongly encourage a visit. From the concierge staff and parking valets to the guest services personnel through to all of the many other employees, you will be greeted and treated like a real person and a valued guest. Take a tour of the various main floor rooms and, in particular, the Wedgewood room that hosts functions of all sorts. Observe the incredible detail on the walls and ceilings and you will wonder how it is even possible to create such artistry. Maybe you can convince someone to let you see the Royal Suite or perhaps you can just reserve it for yourself if you are feeling particularly financially robust at the time – if only for that once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy the same comforts as royalty, politicians, and rock stars. Take in a dinner at the Harvest Room then afterwards wander out to the garden terrace and marvel at the view which is particularly spectacular in the Summer and Fall. You may even see canoeists gliding down the North Saskatchewan river or the riverboat docked at its berth between sightseeing trips.

    If you think I am a little biased about my choice of hotels, you would be right. Perhaps it is because I am an original Edmontonian who was aware of the “Mac” from the time I lived there or maybe because of the personal connection through my wife’s employment during its restoration. However, having stayed there a number of times and enjoyed everything it has to offer as well, I highly recommend a visit and hopefully a stay to see for yourself what an incredible tribute this landmark is to the history of Edmonton and Canada and to those who contributed to its legacy.

    Happy Travels!


  6. Terry Belleville commented:

    I’m a lucky man. I’ve stayed at amazing hotels across Canada. So, when you ask me to talk about my favourite hotel and why I love it so much it should be difficult. Yet it wasn’t. One, perhaps unlikely candidate, immediately came to mind.

    It’s a story from another time. A time when you could throw a backpack on your back and a thumb in the air and experience another day of discovery in Canada. Freshly scrubbed. Flags flying. Always smiling. I was the sort of hitchhiker even I would pick up.

    Ottawa was great, so much to see but at the end of the day I found myself in Hull. It was late in the day and I still hadn’t found anywhere to bunk down for the night. That was always a challenge. I wanted something clean, safe and affordable and I didn’t know where to begin looking. I had to find somebody I could trust who would point me in the right direction. So, who better than the local constabulary? I marched into the police station and explained my plight. I stressed that I did have money, I wasn’t a bum, but I had to make it last and I needed somewhere safe and affordable.

    He thought about it for a moment and then smiled a warm crooked smile. “Well,” he said in a beautiful, fractured accent. “ I have this empty cell. You could have it tonight if you like?” Did I just hear that? Spend the night in jail? “Hey!” he smiled again. “You will be safe.” How could I say no to such a warm invitation? “Merci, vous êtes très aimable.” The deal was done. I had booked accommodation for the evening and at an unbeatable price. He escorted me to my room. It didn’t have a great view but there was a washroom ensuite. You know how some establishments took your shoes and cleaned them overnight. Well this was like that but instead of shoes he took my belt and shoelaces.

    I slept very, very well and in the morning my officer/concierge/host with the crooked smile delivered a really good, hot cup of coffee. Parfait.

    No, I can’t tell you the thread count of the sheets. No. you won’t find it listed on No, there wasn’t a pool or health club. But my little Hotel in Hull delivered more genuine friendship and true hospitality to me on that one night than I could have ever imagined.