Autumn has arrived and from coast to coast, our country’s trees are changing colour. The Rockies boast sub-alpine larch trees that are already glistening gold. In Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park, it’s the yellows, oranges and red of the sugar maple that people seek out. (Check out their fall colour report!) What about you – what is fall doing in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Bruce Kirkby commented:

    Fall – my absolute favourite season! – means gathering firewood in the East Kootenays. Its my annual ablution! A day of running the chainsaw and swinging the maul cleans out every last delayed flight and traffic jam and stuffy hotel room from my veins!


  2. Lyndon commented:

    I live in Calgary. I LOVE the warm golds of green ash, the brilliant reds and oranges of the mountain ash, and the deep scarlet of Amur maple. Many plums and cherries produce outstanding fall color, and I am also enjoying the deep gold of the elms. Alberta has the healthiest population of elm trees in the world; we are so lucky!