Personally, I can’t wait for the white stuff. My legs are itching for powder and my new skis are pointing to the Rockies. Toque, however, refuses to put her Coppertone away. She could use a few more months of sand and surf. How about you? Are you ready to say goodbye to summer?

*Best comment wins a super cool Toque & Canoe leather bracelet – created by Roots Canada. Deadline midnight Sept 21, 2012.

*Contest update/Sept 25: Congrats to Don for a winning response. Your bracelet’s in the mail. Hug the seals for us! T & C

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  1. liz Tompkins commented:

    I have finally got enough color on my legs so as not to offend or blind anyone when I put on a summery skirt. Just a few weeks ago I cleaned out my workout clothes drawer and put all my cold weather stuff in storage in the basement. Our campervan is perfectly stocked with all the condiments, beverages, sea salts and maps that we need for our warm weather adventures so NO, I am not ready to say goodbye to summer at all. I’m just getting started!


  2. Neil Bousquet commented:

    Toque’s got it right – while winters in the Alberta Rockies are getting better each year – Alberta summers are way too short. In the summer of ’12 we got lucky – let’s run the table. Canoe – you need to “chill” – sit (hands down) in a large metal bucket of ice in only your T-shirt ‘n shorts. If you promise to stay still ‘n silent for 10 minutes – Toque promises to put the Coppertone back on the shelf until ’13. Deal?


  3. Cathy commented:

    You are forgetting a season. That is so Calgary of you. Coming from Ontario I look forward to the colors and cool evenings of fall. Not ready for skiing, glad to say goodbye to sand all over the house and looking forward to wearing fabulous boots.


  4. Don commented:

    The question for me is, am I ready for the wet stuff? Here in Lotusland, we’ve had a glorious, long stretch of sunny weather. (We normally don’t discuss this kind of thing with the rest of Canada, but I’m letting that cat out of the bag: Vancouver summers, from mid July to mid October, are beautiful, sunny, and warm.) I am well and truly ready for a warm, green, wet West Coast winter. Let the tourists recede from the seawall; let the hordes of Sunset Beach repair to their snug winter hideouts. I’m reclaiming my parks and waterfronts- I have jays and herons and seals to catch up with, and my rain gear is standing by.


  5. Powder Matt commented:

    Canoe you are speaking my language of ‘Powder’ ! It is time for the white to descend and summer to fold up. Although one last hike through a high alpine meadow to see the golden glow of the Larch/Tamarack before the needles fall is in order….The weather forecast is in our favor and your skis will be gliding down the slopes faster than a kid skating a mock snell on Bowness park in no time!


  6. Michael Allemeier commented:

    Frost had a good go at our garden this week. Sadly my tomatoes, beans and borage all were casualties of this. I see this as an omen to start planning ski season. No point in a part time summer… We live in one of the best places in the world – right on the doorstep of the Cdn Rockies! I personally cannot wait to start hitting the back country with my skis! Bring it!


  7. Denny commented:

    OK, enough is enough! From one of the warmest spots in Canada today at +24 and sunshine, the snow can come late, later, latest…. for those of us in the North who endure long, but sunny winters, we do not wish for snow… it comes soon enough. You can order sunshine from us if you like!