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Be one of "35 Million Directors"

photo by toque & canoe

As of today, our friends at the Canadian Tourism Commission are launching a totally cool contest – inviting everyone in the country to document unique and authentic Canadian travel experiences.

Given that the contest is designed to tap into the passion Canadians feel for their country – we thought YOU might want to join the fun!

In short, the “35 Million Directors” initiative wants you to upload travel-inspired photos and video that best reflect your Canada. At the end of the contest – which runs until Sept 16 – the CTC will build a compelling video “commercial” from winning submissions (which will be rewarded with travel or photography-related prizes.)

This advertisement will then be used to sell Canada around the planet as an international tourism destination.

“Most of our work is international, so we’re looking at ’35 Million Directors’ as a chance to re-connect with Canadians. When it comes to geography and lifestyle, no one knows this country better than the people who live here,” says the CTC’s Greg Klassen.

“We want participants to help us create an authentic anthem to Canada – something real, not shiny and over-produced. When all is said and done, it’s going to be so cool to say ‘Here you go Canada, here’s the advertisement you built and now we’re taking it on the road. To India. To China. To Japan and Germany. All over the world.'”

What’s awesome about taking pictures and video these days – according to Vancouver-based photographer/filmmaker Carlo Ricci (whose work will be featured during the campaign) – is that almost everyone has access to new technologies. They just have to reach into their pockets.

“They have cameras on their phones and video capability on their cameras. Average people have access to really high quality gear,” says Ricci, adding: “I love that this campaign is going to embolden Canadians and get them to be active participants, not just passive bystanders.”

So what are you waiting for? If you ask us, “35 Million Directors” sounds like a blast.

Are we planning to make submissions featuring Toque & Canoe’s Canada? You bet we are.

Meanwhile, we will see YOU in the field.

***Update: Here is the link to a story featuring the final video production as a result of this campaign.

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