Merry Christmas from Toque & Canoe

And a Happy New Year!

Big Like a Moose / Timothy Wilson Hoey /

First of all, thanks to everyone for all of your support since our Canada Day 2011 launch.

Because of followers like you and Victoria, B.C.’s Timothy Wilson Hoey – whose fantastic painting “Big like a Moose” graces our holiday post – Toque & Canoe is morphing into something extraordinary.

We would especially like to tip our toques to readers who have taken time from their busy lives to comment on our stories, respond to our questions of the week and play along with our contests.

That said, all work and no adventure makes us seriously grumpy. So we’re going to take some much-needed “toque’in and canoe’in” time and we will see YOU in the New Year.

Happy Holidays,

Jen & Kim

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