Toque & Canoe Goes Live

Warning: Shameless rant coming your way

Photo by George Webber / Toque & Canoe launches in Calgary, Alberta on July 1, 2011

*WARNING: Shameless rant coming your way…

If you’re reading this blog you’re likely a friend, or a friend of a friend, of Toque & Canoe. Either that, or you appreciate all that is ‘real’ Canadian travel culture.

You like to mix a little culture in with your travel and vice versa.

You’ve voyaged to Vancouver to see Great Big Sea cut loose in Stanley Park. And – after an all-nighter – you’ve cut first tracks on a double black at Whistler.

Your idea of a great meal includes poutine and perhaps for dessert, a little maple whiskey on your ice cream. Or maybe it’s a bison burger and a Cracked Canoe that fills your tank.

You get your weather report from walking outside…in your socks. You know how to dress in layers, even in July. And your idea of Mecca?

What’s more, when you get the itch to move, you don’t think twice about driving from Vancouver to Halifax (choosing the Winnipeg-Kenora-Thunder Bay route) and then back again.

The fact is, if you’re a Canadian, you love to travel. Here. There. Everywhere.

You get it. So do we, which is why we’ve launched Toque & Canoe – a blog about ‘real’ Canadian travel culture.

So how can you play along?

Sign up for our free postcard. We promise it won’t come too often and that when it arrives in your inbox, you’ll find great stories that fire up your wanderlust (Or at least give you something to talk about.)

Sound off on our question of the week. Give us your two cents in a country-wide conversation about Canadian travel culture. (Or a full Loonie’s worth if you’ve got it in you.)

Stand by for cool give-aways, travel-inspired contests and exclusive Toque & Canoe swag.

And if you’ve got a great Canadian travel culture story to tell us about, don’t hesitate to e-mail us and put yourself on our radar.

In short, if you think the beaver is a noble choice for a national animal and you know hockey is the original extreme sport, Toque & Canoe is for you.

So lace up your boots and pack the bug spray. Let’s get this road trip started…

P.S. You don’t have to be Canadian to like us.

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  1. Jody Robbins commented:

    I’m neither a friend nor friend of a friend. Just an aspiring Canadian travel writer who stumbled upon this site whilst in the UK 6 hours after arriving from yyc. Lookin’ good! Will check back here often.


  2. Caroline commented:

    Love your site!
    I have the boots and the spray packed and ready for more adventures from
    Toque and Canoe.


  3. Paul Heinrich commented:

    Great site. I look forward to getting the inside scoop about all the exciting places that exist in our country. Happy Canada Day


  4. Me commented:

    Mom your site is fantasticalliciouslyawesome (longest awesome word ever and probally longest word ever in the dictionary of me);p


  5. Leigh commented:

    Congrats on getting this baby going. I know how much work it’s been and will continue to be but hopefully you both have great fun with it. Enjoy the summer and I’ll see you in Calgary in September. Bought a house last week so the move is on.
    Always looking for thoughtful guest posts with links back to your site …..


  6. Naomi commented:

    Way to go Toque and Canoe! Congratulations on a successful launch! So looking forward to “joining” you on your journeys and adventures. Awesome site – I am sending it around now!


  7. dave buston commented:

    Lovely,refreshing and witty launch to a site that is easy to use. Hope to see much more of the same in the coming months from Toque and Canoe. Way to go T&C.


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