The Beavers – a Youtube video must-see

And the globe trotting naturalist behind it

photo by toque & canoe

When it comes to stalking wild fauna – whether it’s Ethiopian wolves in the highlands of Africa or Canadian beavers in his own backyard – Calgary’s Brian Keating has it covered.

Toque & Canoe recently stumbled across Keating’s entertaining Youtube video and we decided he was a must-have in the archives of ‘real’ Canadian travel culture coverage.

Long story short, we contacted Keating and next thing we knew we had an invitation for an early morning canoe ride into the rushing Bow River below his home.

We visited his local beaver dam – the site of his up-close and personal video encounter with bi-pedal beavers. And en route, he shared more enthusiasm than we’ve ever seen anyone muster about the animal that has come to represent our nation at home and abroad.

A big thanks to the guy who is the only person in this country who can say he’s a “beaver lover” without a smirk on his face.

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    • Brian Keating commented:

      Your web site is fantastic: fun, informative, and a real treat to read. And thank you for including my back yard Canadian representative, the hard working & industrious beaver. Now there is a Canadian hero!


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