Sunset Surfers

Tofino, B.C. / Photo by John Lehmann

T&C Eye Candy / Tofino, B.C. / Photo by John Lehmann

Vancouver-based photojournalist John Lehmann — who recently captured this sunset image of surfing sisters Sanoa and Mathea Olin on Cox Bay Beach — has a soft spot for Tofino, British Columbia.

“As a photographer, the beauty of Tofino never fails to amaze me,” says Lehmann, who produced an epic photo essay on female surf culture last year for The Globe and Mail.

“The always-changing drama between rugged landscape and wild, West Coast weather provides an amazing, unpredictable canvas. I’ve never taken the same photo twice.” — T&C Staff


*Editor’s note: This is the first post in our new Eye Candy section — where we will be publishing visual hits of Canadiana regularly to sweeten your day. Stand by! T&C.


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