*Contest update!!! Thanks to everyone for your excellent feedback. And a HUGE congrats to Sheila for her winning comment about a much-loved red cape. Great story Sheila! We’ll be contacting you via e-mail regarding your surprise T&C package. Or you can contact Kim (she’d be the Canoe in Toque & Canoe) directly at kim@toqueandcanoe.com


Hey Canada! Toque & Canoe is in Toronto this week. We’re blown away by all of your awesome toques out here, sported as much for style as a means to keep warm. Which makes us wonder –Β what’s YOUR favourite piece of cold weather clothing and why? Best answer wins a surprise Toque & Canoe swag bag shipped directly by Canada Post. Contest closes December 31 at midnight.

The Annex - Toronto, Ontario. #neighbourhood

The Annex – Toronto, Ontario. #neighbourhood


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  1. Shawn Ross commented:

    My favorite piece of winter wear is bright red one-piece longjohns with feet and a drop seat.. Very Canadian, very warm!


  2. Carole Bouffard commented:

    Although every piece is essential (mittens, toque, wool socks…), I would have to go with a scarf because, in a bind, it can be used to wrap up whatever body part needs it…no matter how ridiculous you might look!


  3. Kelly commented:

    Love my down ‘super sweater’ from Eddie Bauer. Up to -15 I wear it on its own and when the temps dip it’s a fab layering piece.


  4. Linda Moffatt commented:

    The one item I don’t leave the house without is my homemade knit cowl, keeps my neck warm and the drafts out !! I have more than one, like to switch them up…..keep it interesting !


  5. Kaarina Dillabough commented:

    I LOVE my Olympic mitts, scarf and toque. My friends/associates – especially those from the States – call me the official Canadian ambassador. And I wear both the cold weather gear and moniker with pride!


  6. Kati Kilgour commented:

    My favorite winter article would have to be my new Wild Woman bearded toque from Igloo Knitting Co.! & then my super toasty Uggs.. warm enough for snow shoeing, ice fishing and true north Canadian winters! πŸ˜‰


  7. Ryan Sullivan commented:

    My favourite winter clothing item is my toque! It is a blended fabric with merino wool and synthetics, and fits and works perfectly for me. If you can keep the cold off of your ears and hands the rest is usually fine. I think it’s a Wind River product.


  8. Andrea Walkus commented:

    My favourite item are my fingerless gloves with a hood that turns into mittens and fluffy socks. I instantly warm up.


  9. Sheila Thompson commented:

    My favourite piece of winter wear is my red wool cape. I was born on Christmas Day to the very best parents. They had been married for 12 years before I came and needless to say adore me. My mom passed in 95 and well, Christmas and my birthday, really haven’t been the same since. Her presence is definitely missed and well my dad has resigned himself to gifting everyone with cash. That is until last year. Last year we were at the mall and there, in the store window, was the Cape. My dad saw it and asked me if I liked it. I’d seen it a few days before and had even tried it on. I loved it and I told him so. Well, Christmas Eve night, we’re celebrating the family Christmas and he hands me a big box. The Red wool cape. He’d gone back and bought it. It keeps me warm. It wraps itself around me like my parents love and it looks awesome with whatever I wear! πŸ™‚


  10. Michelle Cassell commented:

    It would have to be my Olympic Mitts so Canadian I also have a homemade scarf made by a dear friend that I love


  11. Mandy commented:

    The ONE favorite winter item I could not live without would be TWO wool socks! πŸ™‚ If my feet are toasty warm, the rest of me seems to be able to enjoy the cold, snowy weather.


  12. Veronica Szentirmai commented:

    One winter evening years ago , a group of us nurses we standing outside of the Simcoe library just chatting after an ONA meeting . I could tell my ears were hurting and cold. When I got into my car and drove away I felt my right ear .Wow it was swollen.When I arrived home I looked in the mirror early stages of frostbite .Soooooo I never go anywhere without my earmuffs.A must have in my winter wardrobe. I have several pairs. PS I am aware this ended in Dec. But just saw it on facebook and thought I’d write. πŸ™‚