Where are you right now? Are you traveling? Toque’s taking a 3,000 kilometre road trip around “The Rock,” also known as Newfoundland. Canoe’s heading to Fernie B.C. for some fly fishing, hiking and, if at all possible, a little R & R. Tell us what you’re up to this summer!


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  1. Moe commented:

    Just sitting on my deck at the lake in Winderemere looking at the sun setting behind the mountains with nice glass of Pinot in hand. Sigh…….relaxed and blissfully content.


    • canoe commented:

      Heading that way myself before long Moe. I’ve been traveling to the East Kootenays for almost 20 years now. I even got married out there. Enjoy!


  2. Heidi commented:

    Taking in some of BC’s amazing provincial parks. This summer’s roster includes the Bugaboos, Mt. Assiniboine and Kokanee Glacier. So excited the hiking season has begun, and super pumped that all these parks have alpine huts/cabins so that I don’t have to pack in too much gear!


  3. Janet Youngdahl commented:

    Spent the early morning walking the amazing coulee trails that will soon be host to the bike races at the Alberta Summer Games in Lethbridge. Fabulous coulee views and would be incredible on a bike I am sure! My husband and son just returned from taking the Amtrak train to New York city, getting on in Shelby, just south of the Alberta border.The kids and I will go to my mother’s farm in Michigan and then to her cottage on Drummond Island overlooking the St. Lawrence Seaway. Summer is too short, we are making the most of it!

    Hi Kim, just saw David downtown here in Lethbridge! Best to all of you, great website!


  4. Jerry commented:

    Spent some quality time in Colorado at Vagabond Ranch near Grand Lake. Absolutely beautiful area with lots of mountain animals (deer,elk, moose, birds and of course some bears) and the hiking trails were exceptional.


  5. David Tetrault commented:

    Off to Naramata BC on Sunday for a week—Sandy Beach Lodge resort. A fantastic very small resort on the water on the bay in Naramata. Hospitality at its greatest with the resort managers Mike and Linda Newton, good friends of ours.


  6. monica dantow commented:

    I’m finally home after a few weeks in a developing country overseas- there’s just no place like home here in Toronto. The fresh rain and the morning dew. The song birds that I have missed – I even appreciated a visit from my neighbourhood racoons last night in the garbage – now there’s some perspective for you!


  7. Judy commented:

    Just spent 4 wonderful days with my grandaughter on magical “Prince Never Island” as she calls it. Heading for Gros Morne National Park in two weeks with my husband…and last weekend I “walked the ocean floor” at Hopewell Rocks just outside Moncton, NB. Life is good!


  8. Charmian commented:

    Another wonderful day in the Okanagan making apricot jam with mom. From here it’s off to the coast and some camping time on Hornby Island, a magical place with incredible beaches and the most amazing rock formations. Music night at the Cardboard Bakery is not to be missed! Lots of smiling for me 🙂


  9. Allison commented:

    I’m out on the west coast in Bamfield smoking a salmon Marc caught yesterday. My plan is to get some painting done over the next week and spend as much time as possible at the beach. Perhaps I should paint down there…


  10. Bob commented:

    I’m in Shearwater (Bella Bella) enjoying sunny weather and good fishing with friends and relatives. The scenery is stunning.


  11. Hugo Germain commented:

    Had an amazing time again this summer in beautiful Charlevoix near Quebec City. We first of all enjoyed a weekend in Huttopia tents in Hautes-Gorges National Park where we had the pleasure of biking in a beautiful valley along a river where visitors can kayak etc etc. Then we went for 4 days of trout fishing 1-hour north of Les Escoumins which is about one hour east of Tadoussac where visitors typically stop to do whale watching. In short, amazing time nearby our home town, Quebec city.


  12. Catherine Ford commented:

    We don’t normally travel far from home in the summer given our ready access to the mountains, Sometimes, though, one gets to play tourist in one’s own backyard. When mountain neighbours asked to borrow our cabin for a family reunion, they agreed to foot the expense of a Canmore hotel for us for the weekend. It was three days of European charm and Western hospitality at the Lady Macdonald Country Inn. Somewhere between a hotel and a B&B, our corner room had mountain views from every window,including the bathroom and its two-person Jacuzzi.. Each of the 12 rooms has a name (ours was Three Sisters) and the kind of interior decorating one only gets when visiting friends who have ensured their guests are provided with both personal comfort and fluffy towels. We walked everywhere, finding corners of Canmore we’d never noticed before. For a brief moment — after the third spectactular breakfast (buttermilk blueberry pancakes, bacon and fresh fruit and the other two were equally as appealing) we mused about buying the Lady Macdonald — it’s for sale — and then realized we make much better guests than hosts.


  13. Katherine Govier commented:

    Snorkeling in Alaska. Then waiting to see Denali, the great one – Mt. McKinley. Cloud and fog. Here’s (what I’ve already written about the experience):

    “It’s raining but who cares? We’re going to get wet anyway. Despite detailed instructions — one leg at a time, then one arm at a time, never both at once or you’re hogtied, then boots, hood, and zipper up the back — the wetsuits are hard to get in to. Add flippers, goggles, and gloves. The water is 54 degrees F. Plop. In! All this gear makes me super buoyant: random feet and arms and fluorescent yellow flippers kept popping out of the Pacific into chill air.”

    To see the rest go to http://tinyurl.com/7kwgqav