Happy Canada Day

And happy 1st birthday to us, too!

mount engadine lodge moose / photo by toque & canoe

One year ago today, we launched Toque & Canoe.

So for two reasons – because it’s Canada Day and we’re all about celebrating ‘real’ Canadian travel culture AND because it’s our b-day – we were determined to find somewhere fitting to hang our hats.

We chose Mount Engadine Lodge because our previous visits to this historic mountain cabin – which boasts one of the greatest patio vistas in the Rockies – left us longing for more.

And given who we got to hang out with during our stay – as in the SWEETEST swamp donkey we’ve ever stumbled across – we feel like this is where we were meant to be.

Who knows what it was?

Her not-to-be-missed donkey ears? Her soft nature and velvety nose? The determined way she moved through the wallow – unplugging her long limbs from the Selenium salt-soaked mud and still managing, somehow, to gracefully move forward?

This moose was something magnificent.

Which brings us to a song our friends at the lodge are releasing for free on Canada Day.

The song is called “Something Magnificent” – performed by Edmonton singer Chloe Albert and found on a soon-to-be-released album called “The Engadine Sessions – Come to the Mountain.” (*You can now purchase the song on cdbaby.)

Meanwhile, thanks to all for helping Toque & Canoe get on their feet.

It’s been a rollicking time and more fun (and work) than we ever imagined it would be.

Here’s to another adventure-filled year together!

Toque & Canoe

“Toque & Canoe” at Mount Engadine Lodge, July 1/12

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  1. Emma commented:

    Congratulations Toque and Canoe, on your first birthday! It’s been quite a year and we have learned oh so much about our beautiful country. We love the photos of the two of you and the Rocky Mountains in the distance. And the moose, photographed in front of the brilliant lime green vegetation, is quite lovely – rather a noble animal we thought. The song “Something Magnificent” by Chloe Albert is indeed a special treat.


    • Toque (aka Jen) commented:

      Hey, congratulations on your first birthday – we’ll have to celebrate together next year! Thanks Nat & Tim!


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