Are you a birder? A twitcher? Or a bird-watcher? If so, we want to know where you like to go when you’re chasing down Canada’s coolest birds.

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  1. Don E commented:

    I certainly can vouch for many of Mr. Keating’s recommendations in your headline article. I just spent the long weekend hanging out with the amazing bird (and plant) life around Osoyoos, BC. Bobolinks, California quail, yellow-breasted chats, lazuli buntings and many other beauties could be see frolicking among the sagebrush, prickly pears and Ponderosa pines of this near-desert environment. Alas, the elusive woodpeckers were nowhere to be seen, but we’ll get ’em next time.

    I strongly support the proposed national park in the region. This place is a jewel.


  2. Leigh commented:

    I am not a birder per se but I do love looking for them. It’s the identifying part I leave to my husband who truly loves birding. Best place to bird within driving distance of Calgary I hear is Frank Lake. Best place we’ve ever birded has been Costa Rica hands down though the number of warbler varieties seen last year on Point Pelee Island in one day was amazing.