In honour of St. Paddy’s Day, which pub in your corner of Canada pulls the best pint? You likely know by now, that pub purist Toque (try saying that after a pint or two) will always choose The Ship in Calgary.



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  1. Barry F commented:

    My favorite pub in Canada is not the most exclusive pub in Canada. It’s the Canmore Hotel pub located in a designated historic site building on Main Street. It’s right in the heart of town. It’s not known as a great “sports bar” but it does have two smaller TV’s over the bar if one must watch a game. They can also pull down a giant screen in the middle of the bar if it’s an important game but it’s not exactly 1080P HDTV, its more like 1980’s Low Definition (LDTV), but it works. What draws’ me to the bar is the friendly and helpful staff, good prices, great juke box and an old Canadian bar atmosphere. There are also 3 pool tables and its houses the only Foosball table in Canmore. Also known as “The Ho”, the Canmore Hotel pub has live music on Friday and Saturday and a Jam Night on Sunday and they are known for their great sound and sometimes unusual acts they attract. And best of all, it just feels like home and it’s an easy WALK home after a few drinks


  2. Timothy Wilson Hoey commented:

    Aaaah the best pub. Well, for myself it’s not the pub, it’s the beer on tap. I always order a pint of Crannog Ales ‘Back Hand of God’ stout. Crannog ales is a small organic brewery in beautiful Sorrento BC, so if you are travelling in BC, see if the pub your visiting has this heavenly brew on tap.


  3. David commented:

    For St. Patrick’s Day, I have great memories of the Rebel House Canadian Pub on Yonge Street in Toronto. Irish stew, corned beef and cabbage, curry chips, and the best poured Guiness in the city. Great place to woo your woman, without having to gag on the abomination of green beer.
    As for the best pub in the country, my vote has to go to the Last Chance Saloon in the ghost town of Wayne, Alberta. Cheap Black Label served in Mason Jars, great local bands, the giggling gals of Drumheller, and foot stomping farmers thirsty from long days at harvest.
    Scileann fíon fírinne! (The drink lets out the truth!)


  4. Jody commented:

    Can I just say how much I miss McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes? I’ve never been a big St. Paddy’s fan or pub fan, for that matter. Cheesy as it sounds, I have a soft spot for Classic Jack’s on 17 Ave in Calgary. It’s more bar than pub, but it’s where my husband and I go when we want to pretend we’re 25 again.


  5. Robert M commented:

    We don’t always drink in pubs, but when we do, we prefer the Garrison in Calgary. This place has a genuine homemade pub atmosphere as well as genuine neighbourhood patrons. Drinking at your local pub and walking home is highly recommended.