What totally impractical item do you always take with you when you’re traveling? Whether it’s Vancouver’s Jericho Beach Hostel or the Four Seasons Chicago, Toque packs her industrial-sized Swiss army knife wherever she goes – even if she only uses it to open beer. Canoe’s been known to tote along her black leather Barbarella boots wherever she goes. Of course, they’re not much use on Hawaii’s sweltering hot beaches but, ahem, that’s not the point.

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  1. Catherine Ford commented:

    Totally impractical? (Don’t tell anybody, but that would be my husband.)

    Personally, I’ve been cured of the impractical by baggage fees and weight restrictions, although I always pack the pineapple corer and two miniatures of vermouth. Oh, and a kippah for Ted in case there’s a synagogue he wants to visit. And my diamond earrings, just in case there’s some snotty woman I have to impress.

    Actually, I was cured of the impractical by my first visit to Hawaii with my late first husband, before we were married. He did his own packing and when we got to Honolulu, he unpacked a queen-sized mosquito net. No shorts. No socks. That was the last time I let any man pack his own suitcase.

    For this, my current husband is forever grateful.