The Khutz: A sequel

A remarkable moment in rainforest country

photo by doug davis

This is it folks. Aside from delivering on original Canadian stories that fire up your wanderlust – this is what Toque & Canoe is all about. At least, this is what we’re aiming for.

To be a hub where people near and far can reach out and tell us – and their fellow citizens – about Canadian travel culture as they see it.

When these photos arrived this week from Doug and Debbie Davis – who run Prince Rupert Adventure Tours – we faced a dilemna.

We debated the wisdom of running a second post on the Khutzeymateen. We also considered publishing one of the images as our next Photo of the Week. But in the end – we decided they were too extraordinary, too remarkable, not to run full size.

Frankly, we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Witnessing a mother grizzly nurse her cub in the wild was a first for adventure guide Doug Davis – just as it was for the passengers who hailed from around the globe on his boat.

“It was pretty touching. I mean, how much more intimate can you get than watching a female bear nurse her cub. You could even see the pleasure in the sow’s face. The women on the boat who were mothers said they could really relate to what they were seeing,” Doug told us by telephone from rainy Prince Rupert yesterday.

“It’s always special when you go out on the water,” he continued. “Every time offers something different. But this was something I’ve never seen before. Quite a day.”

In all, we thought you might enjoy these images – if only to be reminded that somewhere, right now, in your country, these magnificent animals are able to raise their young and live an unfettered existence in a protected area.

khutzeymateen grizzly bear sanctuary / photo by doug davis

A special thanks to Doug Davis for letting us run his photos!

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