Where are you right now? Are you travelling? Canoe just got back from rafting the Bow in Banff and cycling the sea wall in Vancouver. And Toque will be diving into the chilly Atlantic soon after surviving the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” in happenin’ Cowtown. Tell us, what are your plans for the summer?

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  1. Hugo Germain commented:

    Today in beautiful Quebec City. Tonight we have Elton John on the Abrahams Plains, this giant natural outdoor amphitheatre where 150,000 will join tonight for what is going to be a memorable night. The summer festival will end on July 17th and is a great time to visit Quebec.


  2. Peg Fong commented:

    Just hiked on the Tsartlip reserve on Mayne Island, one of the quieter Gulf Islands between Victoria and Vancouver. Learned from my neighbor that she’s growing olives. This is truly the Mediterranean part of Canada. Will post pic on Twitter @LiteraryPlaces


  3. Catherine Ford commented:

    Where am I? Soaking up the sun in Calgary and staying here for the summer — with regular trips to the mountains. It always amazes me that Calgarians would travel in the summer, about the only time of the year when the city is resplendent in summer flowers, when the garden needs water and the grass and trees are lush. If you have schoolchildren, it’s understandable that a family would go away on vacation, but if you are unencumbered, there’s no incentive to leave the city when it’s wearing its best dress.


  4. Emma Gilchrist commented:

    I’m soaking up my first summer in Victoria this year and am excited to spend the whole summer on Vancouver Island.
    So far, we’ve done a few good hikes: East Sooke Park, Mount Work and the lovely old-growth on Mount Newton. We’ve sipped wine at Church & State and had lunch at Merridale Cidery.
    I’ve discovered an affinity for social grouponing (i.e. Groupon and Ethical Deal) and have snagged several fabulous getaways at great discounts. A few weeks ago we stayed at Cox Bay Resort in Tofino, which was phenomenally gorgeous. We’re heading back that way next weekend and are camping at Surf Junction (I’ve heard good things and will report back!).
    My folks are arriving in a couple of weeks and I’m so looking forward to experiencing Symphony Splash with them (Victoria Symphony Orchestra on a barge in the harbour) and renting electric bikes and hitting the Galloping Goose trail.
    Toward the end of the summer, we’ll cash in on other one of our coupon bargains with a weekend at the Harbour House Hotel on Salt Spring Island.


  5. Liz Tompkins commented:

    I just cycled a 30 km loop from home to Edworthy Park. I love that I can get my exercise while exploring this wonderful city (Calgary) all along the river. Now I am listening to the debut broadcast of my eldest son’s radio program on sillysnowmanradio.com- DJ livewire! Who knew?


  6. Husquarna commented:

    Just returned from a fantastic trip to the Queen Charlottes (Haida Gwaii). We left Vancouver at 7:30 am via 737. After helicopter ride we were leaving the lodge for our first day of fishing. Everyone was limited to catching Chinook, coho, snapper, halibut, rock cod. I was on a boat with two other guys when we spotted 3 killer whales (orca)…….Mom, Dad and baby. As we approached, Mom jumped straight out of the water holding her position for a few moments and staring right at us. Apparently she decided we weren’t a threat. She returned to the ocean and proceeded with what we think was feeding. The large male swam in circles, protectively, with Mom and baby on the inside. And we got to see all of this from the front row!

    Husqvarna (Old fishing nickname. After long hard hours of fishing, it’s been reported that I make extraordinarily loud sounds in my sleep.)


  7. Cathy Watson commented:

    Going to the U2 concert tonight in Toronto with my best friend from High School. Tomorrow I will load up three kids and start the drive West to visit family in Calgary and Vancouver. On the way there we are taking a Southern US route through Chicago, South Dakota (watch for the Mt. Rushmore photo’s) and Montana. Just trying to get the right playlists loaded for all concerned passengers.


  8. Lara commented:

    I just got back from a magical exploration of a castle hidden on a backroad winding up to the top of a mountain in the south of france. The man at the front gave us the key to the door on the very top and told us we better not fall off.

    We were the only ones there to explore the rooms and dungeons. Now I am done looking at castles.

    Always travel to the top of a mountain because noone else ever does.


  9. Liz Tompkins commented:

    Just returned from a three day cycling and hiking trip near Nordegg Alberta. What a treat to see some new mountains and trails. This is some amazingly spectacular scenery and very few people. For those not familiar with the area it is just west of Rocky Mountain House on highway 11. It’s stunning!