Toque & Canoe love a sizzling hot summer’s day – slathering on sunscreen and eating fish and chips on Kits beach in Vancouver. Tell us, what’s your idea of time well spent on a sunny Canadian afternoon?

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  1. Suzanne commented:

    I love mornings or late evenings bobbing about in a boat or sitting on a dock with toes in the water…with kids, snacks and the ‘intention’ of catching fish.


  2. Christopher Nicolson commented:

    So while I am certainly bias because I work at Sun Peaks, near Kamloops BC. I also choose to live here for many reasons. At this time of year, my favourite thing to do is enjoy a hike in the alpine flowers and scented mountain air above Sun Peaks village. It is followed by an intense or leisurely canoe on Heffley Lake. At this time of year at the east end of the lake, a colony of herons have constructed an aerial village of about 13 huge nests. Watching these large gangly birds land in their treetop nests is amazing. It is only elipsed by the sound. At feeding time, the babies shriek and fill the bay with sounds more reminisant of Jurassic Park than an alpine lake. As you paddle into the main lake, the loon calls take over, and several bald eagles and osprey control the skies and observe.