***Update: Thanks to all for participating in our last contest. Apologies for the delay. Congrats to Don Enright for his winning comment on the “glorious” and “frightening” Notre Dame as his favourite building on the planet.


Contest alert! Attention Toque & Canoe followers who love books & beautiful buildings!

We’re sitting in front of a gorgeous (and very large) book called 20th Century World Architecture published by Phaidon. And Phaidon is generously willing to ship the winner of our contest a copy for themselves (worth $200 Cdn).

What’s the contest? All you have to do is comment below – telling us what building on the planet has MOST impressed you on your travels. Where is this building and why do you love it so much?

Contest to run til midnight on Sunday, June 16. Get ready, get set, go!

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  1. Deb commented:

    Churches! I love the detail in all old churches but the two that stand out for me the most are St. Peter’s in London, Ontario and the church across from the National Art Gallery in Ottawa, sorry forget the name.
    I am sure as I travel I will have a few more to add to this list!


  2. Don E commented:

    Notre Dame de Paris. Its sensuality is lurid, dark, oppressive, queasy. Gargoyles and tortured saints judge you as you walk into the vast, deep expanses of its interior. Frankincense and dust fill your lungs as everything within you is suddenly summoned upward, ever upward. Try to fight it- try to force your eyes to move horizontally within that glorious space. You lose. The architect wins: upward your eyes gaze until that tremendous rose window captures your soul for God and eternity. There is no place on Earth more frightening, more glorious, more Catholic.


  3. Lynn Heinrich commented:

    Chateau Frontenac, in Old Quebec City, Canada. Not only because it’s a little slice of history (circa late 1890’s) in our relatively young country but mostly because it’s the first time I saw my children’s eyes pop just from gazing at a building. Mine were popping too. Some of us take our buildings for granted and my children, coming from a smaller city in British Columbia had never seen anything like it.


  4. Jennifer Jilks commented:

    My favourite building is our old cottage. Built with love by my late parents, it makes me think of lake water, lanterns, a hand pump, the double-seater out house.
    Although, my current ‘home’ is usually the one I favour most.
    The old buildings, the churches of the world are amazing, but much harm was done in the name of religion.
    Architecture around the world can be wonderful, creative and lauded, but home is where the heart is –when you get down to it.


  5. Sandra Bagnall commented:

    Walking onto the Gran Plaza in Tikal and seeing Templo de Luna is breathtaking and Miami’s skyline at night sparkles and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is still on my bucket list to see, but my all time favorite is right here in Calgary, the U of C building at 8th and 8th SW – first time I saw it I thought, this is the building Dr. Seuss would design for grown ups! with its wavy walls and uneven windows it’s child like but not childish – when I’m in the area I always take a few moments just to look at it – it says to me ‘come on in and have some fun’


  6. Laranda commented:

    I love the Manitoba Legislative Building. It has so much beautiful, historic bits and pieces built in to create one amazing building. It’s also got a lot of secrets and mystery, and the Hermetic Code tour is a great way to learn about a lot of it. The grounds are equally as gorgeous as the building as well, lush green grass, so many giant trees, statues, benches, a fountain, the Bears on Broadway, all leading down to the beautiful River Walk. You could spend a whole day here and feel like it was time well spent.


  7. Mark Swan commented:

    Eiffel Tower, Paris, France,

    Not only is this steel structure a piece of stunning architecture that dominates the Parisian skyline, its also the most romantic place of earth for me, I took my late wife there for her 40th birthday a couple of years ago.

    When I found the right hotel, my only request was to have a view of the Eiffel Tower, I wasn’t disappointed, We also had reservations at Le 58 Tour Eiffel, it was a wonderful memorable time.

    So for me its the Eiffel Tower, holds a special place in my heart, I also love to photograph it.


  8. Philippe Hache commented:

    I’m honestly in love with the combination of old and new that the Royal Ontario Museum provides in Toronto. I’ve been there on numerous occasions, even once before they added the fancy new section to its side.

    It may not be a massive structure like the skydome or the CN tower, but on the ground it is nonetheless an amazing sight. Big metal bound crystals swallowing chunks of a much older structure. The architectural work done on the inside is just as stunning to behold, with its many smooth curves and sharp ends in the new section while the rest is dominated by older architecture.

    It really does combine the modernity of Toronto with its older roots quite well.