Canoe has lived all across our great country – in places ranging from the City of Champions to The Big Smoke to Lotusland. Toque grew up in Cowtown and regularly hangs in The Ferndog and in Hali. As it turns out, Canadians like to give their cities nicknames. How about you? Where have you lived? Any nicknames stand out in your memory?

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  1. Jody commented:

    Grew up in River City (there must be thousands of these in Canada) and spent a few years of higher learning in Edmonchuk – before we knew how to be PC. I can’t imagine it’s still called that…


  2. Reas commented:

    Grew up in Trana…most locals still say it that way…but now that I have spent an equal portion of my life in Calgry (that’s how most locals pronounce Calgary) I feel compelled to say the word Toronto and enunciate all the syllables so no one knows that I’m from there…