What are your travel plans for 2012? Toque is pondering a summer adventure in Italy, France & Spain (kids and all) and Canoe is considering an epic, cross-Canada road trip (kids and all). We hope to swap travel stories at the summer’s end on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Any travel plans in the works?


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  1. Leigh commented:

    There always have to be travel plans – and I’m usually thinking a year out so I can make the best use of Aeroplan points.
    This year – Arizona, Georgia & South Carolina with a little swamp kayaking thrown in for fun, exploration by kayak of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park in western BC and lots of hiking in SW Utah. And Skoki Lodge for some cross country skiing this weekend.


    • Toque commented:

      I’ve had in interest in exploring the South for awhile now. Swamp kayaking sounds totally cool. (Watch out for the gators!)
      Skoki is great, too. Look forward to hearing about these adventures.


  2. Tanya commented:

    Check this out – in August, a ten day canoe trip with JUST my husband in Ontario’s Quetico Provincial Park (sans kids). Haven’t been down those tree-fallen, swamped out portages since I was twenty. I can’t wait.


  3. Liz Tompkins commented:

    Is everyone going to Skoki Lodge these days? I was just talking with a friend about checking it out sometime.

    Mexico in March for 17 days with the family then a week on my own visiting a girlfriend- exciting!


  4. Hugo Germain commented:

    Hello T&C,

    Finally booked our vacation in Revelstoke in February. Will be staying at Mackenzie Station, in downtown Revelstoke, a unique condo that can host four people in two rooms. Will be based in Revelstoke and will most probably ski one day or two in Kicking Horse. Can’t wait! I heard the snow is very good this year. Anyone has a recent snow report to share? Cheers!


    • toque & canoe commented:

      Hey Hugo,

      Let us know when you’re in town. Toque & Canoe would love to take you for a beer! You know where to find us…

      From what we hear (and what we hope to find out this year for ourselves), you can’t go wrong with Revelstoke.

      Save travels!


  5. Robert Majamaa commented:

    Traveling to Maui for a winter bike ride up Mt. Haleakala, one of the longest paved hill climbs in the world. Springtime will see some mountain biking in Moab and in autumn I’ll do the Rona MS mountain bike tour in the wilderness around Hinton.


  6. Barry commented:

    2012 will start with a week in Phoenix playing golf and attending the PGA tournament for a day (Waste Mgmt Open, such and intriguing tournament name) where they have the stadium par 3 which is supposedly quite the party for the PGA spectator. April brings another golf week, this time in Myrtle Beach and we are also spending one day as a spectator on the hallowed grounds of August National or the Masters (don’t ask the cost please, its still too painful). Following that a few weeks in Canmore hiking, biking and golfing and then another trip to SE Asia in the fall to see family in Singapore and of course and mandatory stop in Hong Kong on the way back to Calgary.


  7. JodyR commented:

    There’s the fantasy list and then the reality. Sometimes they converge but often trips get pushed back or shuffled around, mainly due to childcare. For 2012 I’m aspiring to get to: Quebec in February, San Francisco and the Napa Valley in March and Mexico or Costa Rica in April. Hopefully 1/3 will happen:) Once school lets out, we’ll spend time in Canmore, glamping in various unglamorous rural AB locations and hopefully a long weekend in Whitefish Montana to stock up on school supplies in August.


      • Jody commented:

        Beamers in great for coffee in Canmore, but I’m partial to the Three Sister’s Market. They have a play area for kids and amazing, affordable Saturday night dinners paired with wine from the Market Beer and Wine. Verde Day Spa has a yummy smelling chocolate wax for ouch-less hair removal (too much information?:) and a divine shower treatment you can add on to most services.
        Camping: I used to start each season with the backcountry Lake Minnewanka trail. It opens early and those few km. to your site get you away from all the front-country yahoos.


  8. Liana Robberecht commented:

    Travelling plans… hmmm .. well lets just say I am going to Vegas to see Uber sexy Lenny Kravitz in concert next month ( yes, Vegas AGAIN for a concert!) then I am planning to go to big food show in Chicago in May for some yummy eats, education and inspiration! and maybe , just maybe …. Turkey for a friends wedding. Im always up for an adventure so this list will be open for add ons!


  9. David Tetrault commented:

    Well, Paris in May for two weeks. Really want to get into the Paris that the Parisians know, so will be visiting some off beat paths.
    Alsace and Berlin in September to celebrate a friend’s 60th birthday.
    Naramata BC (23rd year) for one week in July.
    Just returned from Mexico…safely.
    So, a pretty good year for travel, but lots more room if we find something interesting.


  10. Catherine Ford commented:

    Ah, it’s been difficult to think about travel plans as we are currently in the middle of them, i.e. lolling about Maui, soaking up the sun and surf, baring our winter-white bodies to what my sister refers to as “the great bronzer.” I’m happy to report the weather is wonderful, even if the locals complain about the absence of “the trades” and the presence of vog (the volcanic version of fog.) We are sticking to a rigorous schedule of beach walking, sun bathing, gin and tonics at noon and the much-needed afternoon nap, This is followed by long discussions about where to eat dinner and an al fresco cocktail hour, where we are surrounded by blooming white plumeria, orange and blue striped birds of paradise and crimson ginger. It’s a tough and demanding life, but we are holding yp just fine. Can’t wait to get back to Calgary — not.