How far have you traveled to see a favourite band? Toque flew over 2200 kms to see UK post-punks – the Kaiser Chiefs – at the lovely, gritty Vic Theatre in Chicago. Canoe took an 1800 km combo flight/road-trip to the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington where she camped under the stars and feasted on the funk roots rock of The Dave Matthews Band. We want to know about your musically-inspired adventures.





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  1. Romi Lagadin commented:

    For my 30th birthday, my husband flew me to NYC and got tickets for me and two of my best friends to see Natalie Merchant in Central Park. It was amazing!


  2. David Tetrault commented:

    1969 went to England to see Pink Floyd in a high school gym with some friends who were living there (Norwich). They (The Floyd) were 45 minutes late. Went to Vancouver in 1969 to see Three Dog Night. The opening band for Three Dog Night was the unknown band Led Zeppelin.


    • Toque (aka Jen) commented:

      David, did you hear that? …that was the sound of me choking on my coffee. Pink Floyd? Zeppelin?! Wow. That is just too cool…


  3. Liana Robberecht commented:

    I love love to see live bands, this year has been an exceptional year of concerts for me 9 Paul McCartney, Chris Iaask, Van Morrison, Big Sugar, Sugarland, foreinger , Colin James, Elton John, Rhianna, Pearl Jam.. and so many more !! I havent had to travel very far to see my favs .. but I have been known to fly to Vegas for a 30 hours to see a concert and then return home!! I have been to Vancouver several times , this past summer I went to see John Legend ( my fav!!!) and Sade on the floor front row seats!!… that concert was so amazing two week later I went to Las Vegas to see it all over again! then the following night I seen Heart and Def Leppard – Crazy fun , cool!! I still have more concerts to go this year! and… Im open to travelling anywhere to see more


  4. Catherine Ford commented:

    Alas, a question I can’t answer — not specifically. I have never travelled to hear a band, but I did travel from London, Ont. to Grand Bend regularly over the course of one summer when my attention was captured by a charming band singer who was performing with his band at a bar in the Ontario resort town. I still can’t believe I would leave work at 9 p.m. and make it for the last set, then turn right around and drive back to London. Ah, youth . . .


  5. Shannon Grams commented:

    I flew to Chicago to meet a friend from Detroit to see U2.
    Unfortunately I was percolating a bug …. and the concert ended up being a blur. By the time it ended I was sooooo sick. I have never been so sick in my entire life.
    Ended up being hospitalized for 4 days. Must have eaten a bad burger at the Hard Rock Cafe.